Inheritance Structure Components Properties

This view represents the inheritance relationships between configuration components.

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Connection and operation classification, The core server, Backends and caching, Logging, monitoring, and notifications, Metrics Engine, Security and authorization, Authentication and password management

Connection and operation classification

Connection Criteria

Request Criteria

Result Criteria

Search Entry Criteria

Search Reference Criteria

The core server

Alarm Manager

Connection Handler

Custom Logged Stats

Extended Operation Handler

External Server


Gauge Data Source

Global Configuration

HTTP Configuration

HTTP Servlet Cross Origin Policy

HTTP Servlet Extension


Plugin Root

Root DN

Root DN User

Root DSE Backend

Velocity Context Provider

Velocity Template Loader

Web Application Extension

Work Queue

Backends and caching


Logging, monitoring, and notifications

Alert Handler

Debug Target

LDAP SDK Debug Logger

Log Field Mapping

Log Publisher

Log Retention Policy

Log Rotation Policy

Monitor Provider

Metrics Engine


Metric Histogram Boundary

Monitoring Configuration

Monitoring Database

Monitoring Threshold

Prefetched Metric Query

Server Query

Security and authorization

Access Control Handler

Crypto Manager

Key Manager Provider

Trust Manager Provider

Authentication and password management

Certificate Mapper

Identity Mapper

Password Generator

Password Policy

Password Storage Scheme

Password Validator

SASL Mechanism Handler