Data Metrics Server REST API Reference

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This package contains the JAX-RS resource classes that provide read access to configuration and data held by the Data Metrics Server. This RESTful interface is intended to be used by monitoring and dashboard type clients that need to display the current and historical value of the metrics and events collected by the Data Metrics Server from the monitored servers.

REST Resources

This API supports a Representational State Transfer (REST) model for accessing a set of resources through a fixed set of operations. The following resources are accessible through the RESTful model:

Data Model

All endpoints act on a common set of data. The data can be represented with difference media (i.e. "MIME") types, depending on the endpoint that consumes and/or produces the data. The data is described by JSON, which definitively describes the representation of the data.

This document will describe the data using terms based on JSON serialization. Data can be grouped by namespace, with a document describing the elements and types of the namespace. Generally speaking, types define the structure of the data and elements are instances of a type. For example, elements are usually produced by (or consumed by) a REST endpoint, and the structure of each element is described by its type.

Data Types