Inheritance Structure Components Properties

This view represents the inheritance relationships between configuration components.

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Authorization and Policies, Data Sources, LDAP (Administration and Monitoring), Logging, Monitoring, and Notifications, SCIM, System, Topology, Web Services and Applications

Authorization and Policies

Access Token Validator


Deployment Package Store

Impacted Attributes Provider

Key Pair

Policy Configuration Key

Policy Decision Service

Token Resource Lookup Method

Trusted Certificate

Data Sources

Correlation Attribute Pair

External Server

LDAP External Server Template

LDAP Health Check

Load Balancing Algorithm

Secondary Store Adapter

Store Adapter

Store Adapter Plugin

LDAP (Administration and Monitoring)

Access Control Handler

Azure Authentication Method


Certificate Mapper

Cipher Stream Provider

Conjur Authentication Method

Crypto Manager

Custom Logged Stats

DN Map

Failure Lockout Action

ID Token Validator

Identity Mapper

Password Policy

Password Storage Scheme


Plugin Root

Root DN

Root DN User

SASL Mechanism Handler

Token Claim Validation

Vault Authentication Method

Logging, Monitoring, and Notifications

Alarm Manager

Alert Handler

Debug Target


Gauge Data Source

LDAP SDK Debug Logger

Log File Rotation Listener

Log Publisher

Log Retention Policy

Log Rotation Policy

Monitor Provider

Monitoring Endpoint


SCIM Attribute

SCIM Resource Type

SCIM Schema

SCIM Sub Resource Type Handler

SCIM Subattribute

Store Adapter Mapping


Connection Handler

Global Configuration

Key Manager Provider


Obscured Value

Passphrase Provider

Recurring Task

Recurring Task Chain

Trust Manager Provider

Velocity Context Provider

Velocity Template Loader


Inter Server Authentication Info


Secret Key

Server Group

Server Instance

Server Instance Listener

Topology Admin User

Web Services and Applications

Authorization Policy Decision Shared Secret

Error Template

Gateway API Endpoint

HTTP Configuration

HTTP Servlet Cross Origin Policy

HTTP Servlet Extension

Sideband API Endpoint

Sideband API Shared Secret

Web Application Extension