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package com.unboundid.directory.sdk.examples;

import com.unboundid.directory.sdk.common.api.ManageExtensionPlugin;
import com.unboundid.directory.sdk.common.types.PostManageExtensionPluginResult;
import com.unboundid.directory.sdk.common.types.PreManageExtensionPluginResult;
import com.unboundid.directory.sdk.common.types.UpdateExtensionDetails;

import java.io.File;
import java.util.Collections;

 * This class provides a simple example of manage extension plugin that will
 * abort an update if the installed version is known to be incompatible. It will
 * also display a warning message prompting the user to finish the update
 * manually by migrating custom configuration changes.
public class ExampleManageExtensionPlugin
    extends ManageExtensionPlugin

  // Whether a config file is found that will need migration.
  private boolean configFileFound;

   * Retrieves a human-readable description for this extension.  Each element
   * of the array that is returned will be considered a separate paragraph in
   * generated documentation.
   * @return  A human-readable description for this extension, or {@code null}
   *          or an empty array if no description should be available.
  public String[] getExtensionDescription() {
    return new String[]
        "This manage extension plugin serves an example that may be used to " +
        "demonstrate the process for creating a third-party manage " +
        "extension plugin. It will abort an update if the installed " +
        "version is known to be incompatible. It will also display a " +
        "warning message prompting the user to finish the update manually " +
        "by migrating custom configuration changes."

   * Retrieves a human-readable name for this extension.
   * @return  A human-readable name for this extension.
  public String getExtensionName() {
    return "Example Manage Extension Plugin";

   * Invoked when an extension is updated after all files are update to the
   * server installation but before restarting the server.
   * @param details The state of the update after all files are updated.
   * @return Whether the server should be restarted after the update if
   *                 previous started.
  public PostManageExtensionPluginResult postUpdate(
      final UpdateExtensionDetails details) {
      // This demonstrates a "flag day" use case of an manage extension plugin
      // where manual action is needed by the end user after the update before
      // the server may be restarted.
      return new PostManageExtensionPluginResult(false,
              "Version " + details.getExtensionBundle().getVersion() +
                  "introduced changes to the configuration that needs to " +
                  "be migrated manually before starting the server. Please " +
                  "refer to the documentation " +
                  details.getInstalledExtensionBundle().getDocumentationDir() +
                  " for more details"));
    return PostManageExtensionPluginResult.SUCCESS;

   * Invoked when an extension is updated before shutting down the server and
   * any files are updated to the server installation.
   * @param details The state of the update before any files are updated.
   * @return Whether to continue the update process.
  public PreManageExtensionPluginResult preUpdate(
      final UpdateExtensionDetails details) {
    String installedVersion =
      // This demonstrates a "flag day" use case of an manage extension plugin.
      return new PreManageExtensionPluginResult(false,
          Collections.singletonList("Version 1.2 may not be updated due to " +
              "known incompatibilities"));
    else if(installedVersion.equals("1.3"))
      File configFile = new File(
      configFileFound = configFile.exists();

    return PreManageExtensionPluginResult.SUCCESS;