UnboundID Server SDK

UnboundID Server SDK Documentation

Getting Started with the UnboundID Server SDK

The UnboundID Server SDK is a library that may be used to develop various types of extensions to UnboundID server products, including the Identity Data Store, Identity Proxy, Identity Data Sync Server, Metrics Engine, and Identity Broker. This guide provides an introduction to the UnboundID Server SDK.

  1. Available Types of Extensions

  2. Building and Deploying Java-Based Extensions

  3. Building and Deploying Scripted Extensions

  4. API Structure and Annotations

  5. Working with Arguments

  6. Logging, Debugging, and Alerting

  7. Processing Internal Operations

  8. Performing Processing at Startup and Shutdown

  9. Intercepting Operations in the Server

  10. Working with Threads

  11. Obtaining Support

  12. License Information