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About This Reference

This reference describes the Ping Identity Data Governance Server configuration properties that can be manipulated with the dsconfig command or in the administration GUI.

Configuration components are grouped according to the area of the server in which they are used. The following categories have been defined:

For ease of reference, the configuration is described on multiple tabs. These tabs provide alternative views of the configuration components:

When you set up the Ping Identity Data Governance Server, certain components are created in the configuration by default. These components are configured with specific values, which are not necessarily the same as the default values of new components that you create using dsconfig. The default values listed in this document refer to the values of the new components that you create using dsconfig.

Most configuration properties can be changed on the fly and that change will take effect immediately. A list of the configuration properties that require some administrative action to take full effect may be found on this page.

Some of the most commonly configured types of components include: